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Mocktail Recipe Lab


Cacao Fruit 
RecipeCacaoo Pulp 45ml/Whey 60ml/Grapefruit Juice 1/4/Cacao nibs as needed/Rock Salt as needed
StepsShake all the ingredients into a glass with ice. Garnish Cacao nibs and Rock Salt.
Provided by:emmy

cacao pulp fizz 
RecipeCacao Pulp 30g/Cacao Vinegar 15ml/Citric Acid Solution 10ml(Citric Acid/Water)/Cacao Pulp Syrup ゚5ml/Passion Fruit Puree 3ml/Soda 80ml
GlassCacao Pot
StepsShake all the ingredients except Soda. Pour it to a pot with ice. Top with Soda.
Provided by:mement mori/Shuzo Nagumo

Cacao Pulp Mimoza 
RecipeCacao Pulp 50g/Cacao Syrup(or Sugar Syrup) 10ml/Non-alcohol Sparkling 60ml
GlassFlute Glass
StepsMix and Stir all the ingredients in a glass.
Provided byBar&Chocolate Cacaotail/Yosuke Hagihara

Chocolate Twitter 
RecipeNEMA Absinthe 30ml/Chocolate Syrup 25ml/Cream 60ml/Egg Yolk 1
StepsShake all the ingredients and pour it into a glass with ice. Put a sliced Nutmeg on it.
Provided byCocktail Bar Nemanja/Hojo Tomoyuki

RecipeMascarpone Cheese 1spoon/Soy Milk 30ml/Fresh Crean 30ml/Lemon Myrtle Syrup 15ml/Orange Juice 30ml/Lemon Juice  10ml/Citric Acid a little
GlassCocktail Glass
StepsPut a all the ingredient in a mixer with a little ice. Pour it into a glass. Spinkle Dried Orange Slice, Orange Powder and Coffee Powder.
Provided bythe bar nano.gould./Kenichi Tomita

Coco Passion 
RecipeVALRHONA JIVARA LACTEE 30g/Hot Milk 50ml/Sicoly Passionfruit Puree 15ml/Sugar Syrup 15ml/Coconut Espuma as needed/Dry Pine 1piece *Coconut Espuma:Coconut Puree 150g/Water 60ml/Granuated Sugar 45g
GlassRock Glass
StepsMelt VALRHONA with Hot Milk. Add all the ingredient (except Coconut Milk) and Shake. Pour it into a glas. Put Coconut Espuma on it ad garnish with Dry Pine.
Provided byBar&Chocolate Cacaotail/Yosuke Hagihara

Egg Cream 
RecipeMilk 200ml/Soda 50ml/Chocolate Syrup 30ml
StepsPour Milk and Soda into a chilled Tumbler. Add Chocolate Syrup and Stir them.

Flower Ramos Gin Fizz 
RecipeNEMA Standard Gin 20ml/Fresh Cream 20ml/Fresh Pineapple Juice 20ml/Lime Juice 1tsp/Sugar Syrup 1tsp/Egg Yolk 1ea/Osmanthus Water asneeded/Soda as needed
StepsShake all the ingredients except soda. Pour it into a glass with ice. Soda up and stir.
Provided by:Low-Non-Bar

Indian Charlotte 
RecipeChai Tea Syrup 10ml/Mango Juice 30ml/Milk 10ml/Cream 30ml/Orange Peel 2ea/Lemon Peel 1ea
GlassMartini Glass
StepsCrush Orange Peel and Lemon Peel in a shaker. Add the rest of the ingredients into a shaker and shake them well. Strain it into a glass.
Provided byThe Peninsula Tokyo : Peter Bar/Mitsuhiro Nakamura

Japanese Italian Punch 
RecipeNEMA Old Tom 30ml/Pineapple Juice 60ml/Lemon Juice 20ml/Grenadine Syrup 10ml/Albumina1/4tsp
GlassCocktail Glass
StepsPut all the ingredient in a mixer and Shake. Pour it into a glass> Garnish with a little Rose and Pinkpepper.
Provided byThe Certain Bar/Shuhei Nomura

Parmigiano Almond 
RecipeVALRHONA JIVARA LACTEE 25g/Hot Milk 25g/Almond praline syrup 30g/Sea Salt A little/Parmigiano Reggiano as needed *Almond Praline Syrup:Almond Dice 100g/Granuated Sugar 270g/Water 320ml
GlassRock Glass
StepsMelt VALGHONA with Hot Milk. Add the other ingredient (except Parmigiano) and Shake. Pour it into a glass and put grated Parmigiano.
Provided byBar&Chocolate Cacaotail/Yosuke Hagihara

Raspberry Almond 
RecipeVALRHONA MANJARI64% 25g/Hot Milk 25ml/Hot Water 15ml/Almond Praline Syrup 15ml/Frozen Dry Raspberry as needed *Almond Praline Syrup:Almond Dice 100g/Granulated Sugar 270g/Water 320ml
GlassCocktail Glass
StepsMelt VALRHONA with Hot Milk and Hot Water. Add Syrup and Stir well. Garnish with Frozen Dry Raspberry.
Provided byBar&Chocolate Cacaotail/Yosuke Hagihara

RecipeMilk Punch 50㎖/Assam Tea Syrup 30㎖/Soy Milk 30㎖/Egg Yolk 1ea/Cinnamon Powder 1dash/Star Anise 1 *Milk Punch: Milk/Lemon/Clove/Cinnamon Stick **Assam Tea Syrup: Sugar/Tea Leaves/Water
GlassMug or Big-size Cocktail Glass
StepsPut all the ingredients (except Cinnamon and Anise) in a shaker and Mix them with Creamer. Shake it and Pour it into a glass. Garnish with Cinnamon and Star Anise. *Milk Punch: Mix all the ingredients and put it in a refrigerator.
Provided byBar Private Pod/Yoshihito Otsuka

Soy ginger fizz 
RecipeSoy Milk 45ml/Lemon Syrup 20ml/Lemon 1slice/Fever-Tree Ginger Ale
StepsAdd Soy Milk and Syrup into a glass with ice. Top with Ginger Ale. Garnish with Lemon Slice.
Provided byFever-Tree Japan Ambassador/Toshihiro Fukami 

Summer Vacation 
RecipeBoiled White Corn 50g/Soy Milk 120ml/Simple Syrup 10ml/Soy Sauce Powder
GlassCocktail Glass
StepsPut Corn, Soy Milk and Syrup in a mixer and Shake it. Pour it into a glass whose rim are put Soy Sauce Powder
Provided byBAR Legacy/Atsushi Yoshikawa

Vegan blue cheese AMAZAKE 
RecipeBrown Sugar 500g/Coconut Milk 400g/Water 540ml
StepsMix all the ingredients. Fermented at 55 degrees for 24~48 hours. Adjust the taste with Fig Jam. 
TasteRice/Blue Cheese
Provided byThe Certain Bar/Shuhei Nomura

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