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Almond Flower Lemonade 
RecipeAlmond Flower Syrup 25ml/Fresh Lemon Juice 35ml/Soda Water Top
StepsCombine syrup and lemon juice in shaker. Shake hard and fast for 10 seconds. Double Strain into glass over ice. Top with soda. Garnish with a thin lemon slice.
Provided byThree Sheets London

RecipeEarl Grey 45ml/Cranberry Juice 10ml/Lemon Juice 5ml/Sugar Syrup 10ml/shrb Apple & Cinnamon 30ml/Dry Orange 1/2piece
GlassRock Glass
StepsMix all ingredients. Throw into a glass.
Provided byLow Non Bar

Arnold Palmer 
RecipeLemonade 90ml/Ice Tea 180ml/Lemon Slice 1piece
StepsMix Lemonade and Ice Tea with ice. Stir well. Garnish with a lemon slice.
Provided bythe spruce Eats

Apple & Cerely Normandy Spritzer
RecipeApple & Dill Water 60ml/Celery 1/2ea/Citrus Vinegar 10ml/Honey 10ml/Soda 45ml
GlassFlute Glass
StepsPut all the ingredients (except Soda) in a mixer and Strain it. Stir it in a mixing glass and pour it into a glass and Top with Soda.
Provided byLow Non Bar

Apple Spritz 
RecipeApple Cordial 25ml/Minus 8 Red Verjus 5ml/2:1 Sugar Syrup 5ml/Soda Water Top
GlassWine Glass
StepsPut all the ingredients except soda in glass over ice. Stir to combine and chill. Add more ice to glass and top with soda. Stir to combine fully. Garnish with a thin orange slice.
Provided byThree Sheets London

Apple Tea Spritzer 
Recipesharab Casablanca 80ml/Fresh Grapefruit Juice 10ml/Apple Butter Jam 3tsp/Milk 30ml/Cinnamon Powder 3〜4dash/Sench Tea Leaves 3tsp/Soda 30ml/Dill as needed
GlassRock Glass
StepsMix sharab, Grapefruit Juice, Jam, Milk and Cinnamon Powder. Milk-wash it to clarify. Put Tea leaves in a Dripperand strain the liquid.Pour it into a glass with ice and Soda-up. Garnish with Dill.
Provided by:Low-Non-Bar