Mocktail Recipe Lab



RecipeVetiver Cordial 45ml/Japanese Ginger 1/4カット/Vanilla Essense 2〜3dash/Soda & Tonic as needed


StepsPut all the ingredients except Soda and Tonic in a mixer. Strain it into a glass. 


Provided by:Low-Non-Bar

Egg Cream 

RecipeMilk 200ml/Soda 50ml/Chocolate Syrup 30ml


StepsPour Milk and Soda into a chilled Tumbler. Add Chocolate Syrup and Stir them.


Elderflower Mojito 

RecipeElderflower Syrup 30ml/Lime Juice 10ml/Fevertree Premium Soda 45ml/Mint Leaves as needed


StepsPut All the ingredients in a glass and build. Put a straw.


Provided byBar&Chocolate Cacaotail/Yosuke Hagihara

Emerald Squash 

RecipeGrapefruit Juice 40ml/shrb Original 20ml/Sugar Syrup 10ml/Shiso 2pieces/Tyme2pieces/Blue Citron 1slice

GlassCocktail Glass

StepsPut all the ingredients in a tin and Muddle them. Put it into a carbonated shaker and Shake. Strain it into a glass.


Provided byXEX TOKYO/Habato Suzuki

Epice Rouge (winner of Mocktail Competition 2017) 

RecipeSpice Calpis 30ml/Grape juice 30ml/Tonic water 30ml  *Spice Calpis: Calpis 1000mL/pink pepper 15g/coriander seed 15g/cardamom green 20g/Soak crushed spices in Calpis for 24 hours.

GlassLiqueur Glass

StepsMix all ingredients except for tonic water, and shake, then pour into a glass. Top up with tonic water. Garnish with raspberry and mint.


Provided byThe Peninsula Tokyo / peter: the bar / Mari Kamata

Espresso Martini 

RecipeEspresso 1shot/Chocolate 10g/Vanilla Syrup 10ml/Lemon Peel/Dry Raspberry

GlassCocktail Glass

StepsMix and Shake all the ingredient (Melt Chocolate). Twist and Garnish with Lemon Peel.


Provided byBar&Chocolate Cacaotail/Yosuke Hagihara

Espresso Juniper Fizz 

RecipeEspresso 30ml/Pomegranate Syrup 15ml/Lemon Juice 10ml/Juniper Berry 3ea/Soda as needed


StepsCrush Juniper Berry in a shaker. Shke all the ingredient (except Soda). Pour it  into a glass with ice. Top with Soda and Build.


レシピ提供keystone/Naoya Yamagata

Exotic sungrita 

RecipeTHE NON-AL SPIRITS Japanese Herbal Taste/Orange Juice 40ml/Tomato 1/2/Agave Syrup 5ml/Red Hot Pepper a little/Salt a pinch

GlassRock Glass

StepsPut all the ingredients in a blender. Shake it with Boston Shaker. Pour it into a glass.


Provided byLow Non Bar