Mocktail Recipe Lab

Garden Cooler 

RecipeSeedlip Garden 108 40ml/Grenadine Syrup 15 ml/Lemon Juice 10ml/Sugar Syrup 10ml/Apple Juice 50ml/Soda as needed/Lime 1/8ea

GlassLong Glass

StepsShake all the ingredients (except Lime). Pour it into a glass and top with Soda. Twist and put Lime.


Provided byPusser's New York Bar/Takamitsu Nasu

Giallo tivo 

RecipeMango Juice 30ml/shrb Lime & Juniper 40ml/Lime Juice  5ml/Yellow Paplica 1piece/Pinapple 1/10piece

GlassRock Glass

StepsPut all the ingredients on a blender and then shake. Strain it into a glass.


Provided byXEX TOKYO/Habato Suzuki

Ginger Basil Limeade 

RecipeBasil 6 leaves/Ginger 1 slice/Lime 1/8ea/Syrup 5ml/Water 90ml

GlassWine Glass

StepsPut basil and ginger in mortar and crush with pestle. Squeeze lime and add syrup. Pour in 30ml water and mix well. Put ice in glass, and pour in mixture using strainer. Top up with water 90ml water and mix. Garnish with basil.


Provided byThe Peninsula Tokyo / Mari Kamata

Ginger&Cascara Ice Tea 

RecipeCoffee Cherry Tea 100ml/Ginger Syrup 20ml/Lime Juice 10ml

GlassWine Glass

StepsBuild all the ingredients in a glass with ice.


Provided bykeystone/Naoya Yamagata

Grape Basil Smash 

RecipeFresh Grape Juice 45ml/Basil Leaves 5~6ea/Lime 1/8ea /Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic as needed


StepsCrush Grape Juice and Basil in a glass. Add Crushed Ice and Twist Cut Lime. Top with Tonic and Garnish with Basil.


Provided byFever-Tree Japan Ambassador/Toshihiro Fukami 

Grass Land 

RecipeShine Muscat 5ea/NEMA Old Tom Gin 15ml/Fresh Grapefruit Juice 15ml/Coriander Seed 1tsp/Plain Sugar 1tsp

GlassCocktail Glass

StepsPut all the ingredients in a mixer and shake it. Pour it into a glass.


Provided byLow Non Bar



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