Mocktail Recipe Lab


Hana to Mikan to…~Orange Blo-Wa-ssom~ 
RecipeJapanese Oraneg1/2ea/Japanese Tea30ml/Orange Juice 15ml/Grapefruit Juice 15ml/Lemon Juice 5ml/Yuzu Jam(or Citrus Syrup/Made by clear Citrus and Japanese tea)
GlassJapanese Rock Glass
StepsMix all the ingredients and Put it in a mixer. Shake it with Boston Shaker and Pour it into a glass. Put a big ice in it. Garnish with White eadible Flower and serve with Japanese Sweet and Japanese Orange.
Provided byBar Vie Lembranca/Shuji Akiya

RecipeFrozen Haskap as needed/Frozen Pineapple as needed/Cranberry Juice 90ml/Sugar Syrup 10ml/Tea Syrup 15ml/Mineral Water as needed/Soy Lecithin as needed
GlassGoblet or Rock Glass
StepsPut the ingredients (except Tea Syrup, Mineral Water and Soy Lecithin) in a mixer. Strain it  into a glass. Mix Tea Syrup, Mineral Water and Soy Lecithin and Whip it up. Put the whip on a glass.
Provided bythe bar nano.gould./Kenichi Tomita

Herbal Ginger Sling 
RecipeHAKKO GINGER 45ml/Herb Water(Lemon Grass, Rosemary, Thyme) 70ml/Dried Lemon, Rosemary
GlassRock Glass
StepsPour Herb Water and HAKKO GINGER into a glass with ice. Garnish with Rosemary and Dried Lemon.
Provided by:Low-Non-Bar

Holiday Pomegranate Mojito 
RecipeMint Syrup 15ml/Lime 2pieces/Mint Leaves 10pieces/Pomegranate Juice 60ml/Lemonade 60ml/Soda 60ml/Pomegranate Seed/Mint Twig
GlassCollins Glass
StepsPut Mint Leaves, Lime and Mint Syrup in a glass. Add ice and Pour Lemonade and Pomegranate Juice. Top with Soda and garnish with Pomegranate Seed and Mint Twig.

Home Made Natural Cola 
RecipeCola Syrup ゚30ml/Fresh Lime Juice 10ml/Soda ゙80ml/Lime 1slice *Cola Syrup:Lime 1ea/Lemon 1ea/Orange 1ea/Cinnamon 1.5g/Cardamon 2.5g/Clove ゙2.5g/Nutmeg ゙2g/Coriander 2.5g/Vanilla Essence 3〜4ml/Water 300ml/Granulated Sugar same amount as water
StepsShake all the ingredients except Soda. Pour it into a glass with ice. Top with Soda. Garnish with Lime Slice. *Cola Syrup: Boil all the ingredients except Granulated Sugar. Let t rest overnight. Strain it and Add Granulated Sugar while warming and melting.
Provided byLAMP BAR /Michito Kaneko

Hot Buttered Japanese Chai 
Recipeのん青い楽園30ml/Milk90ml/Maple Syrup10ml/Ginger Essence2tsp/Butter as needed
GlassRock Glass
StepsPut all the ingredients in a pot and warm them. Pour it into a glass that is smoked by hinoki. Add Butter and stir it well.
Provided by:Low-Non-Bar

Hot Honey Moscowmule  
RecipeChrysanthemum tea 4g/Hot Water 150ml/Brown Sugar 2tsp/Moscowmule Syrup 10ml
Mix Tea nad Brown Sugar. Add Moscowmule Syrup and stir it lightly.
Provided by:Low Non Bar

Hot Not Toddy 
RecipeTea 210ml/Honey 7.5ml/Lemon Juice 5ml/Cinnamon 2g/Clove 2g/Nutmeg 2g/Lemon 1piece
StepsPut Honey, Lemon Juice and spice into a warmed mug and Top with Tea and stir them. Granish with a Lemon.