Mocktail Recipe Lab


Japanese Italian Punch 

RecipeNEMA Old Tom 30ml/Pineapple Juice 60ml/Lemon Juice 20ml/Grenadine Syrup 10ml/Albumina1/4tsp

GlassCocktail Glass

StepsPut all the ingredient in a mixer and Shake. Pour it into a glass> Garnish with a little Rose and Pinkpepper.


Provided byThe Certain Bar/Shuhei Nomura

Japanese citrus “non”sake 

RecipeNon-alcoholic Liquor Laurel Special Free 60ml/Yuko Vinegar 10ml/Soda 50ml/Yuko(Yuzu) Peel

GlassFlute Glass

StepsPut all the ingredients into a continer. Put it into a Wine Glass. Add Soda and stir it slowly.Twist Yuko/Yuzu Peel.


Provided by:emmy

Jeddah's Street Corner 

RecipeArabic Coffee(Powder) as needed/Concentrated Coffee(Non-sugar) 20ml/Espresso 40ml/Cola Syrup 5ml/Cranberry Juice 15ml/Goji Berry3ea

GlassMartini Glass

StepsCrush Goji Berry in a shaker. Shake all the ingredients (except Arabic Coffee). Strain it into a glass with Arabic Coffee Powdered rim.


Provided byThe Peninsula Tokyo : Peter Bar/Mitsuhiro Nakamura

Jelly GB 

RecipeChopped Frozen Fruit Jelly 3spoon/Grenadine Syrup 5ml/Fever-Tree Ginger Beer as needed

GlassWine Glass

StepsAdd Diced Frozen Jelly and Grenadine Syrup into a glass. Top with Ginger Beer. Garnish with LimeSliceor Mint.


Provided byFever-Tree Japan Ambassador/Toshihiro Fukami