Mocktail Recipe Lab

Paprika non sour 

RecipePaprika 15g/Jasmin Tea infused with Cranberry 40ml/NEMA Standard Gin 15ml/Lemon 10ml/Simple Syrup 1tsp/Egg White 1ea

GlassCocktail Glass

StepsPut all the ingredients in a blender and Shake it. Strain it twice and pour it into a glass/ Garnish with Dried Hibiscus.


Provided byThe Bar Sazerac/Yasuhiro Yamashita

Parmigiano Almond 

RecipeVALRHONA JIVARA LACTEE 25g/Hot Milk 25g/Almond praline syrup 30g/Sea Salt A little/Parmigiano Reggiano as needed *Almond Praline Syrup:Almond Dice 100g/Granuated Sugar 270g/Water 320ml

GlassRock Glass

StepsMelt VALGHONA with Hot Milk. Add the other ingredient (except Parmigiano) and Shake. Pour it into a glass and put grated Parmigiano.


Provided byBar&Chocolate Cacaotail/Yosuke Hagihara

Pear Peat Malt 

RecipeNEMA Whisky 7ml/Assam Syrup 1/2tsp/Pear Puree 20ml/Tonic Water 50ml/Lemon Peel

GlassWine Glass

StepsShake NEMA, Syrup and Pear Puree. Our it into a Wine Glass with a piece of ice. Add Tonic and stir it well. Twist a Lemon Peel.


Provided by:emmy

Pink Grapefruit & Thyme 

RecipeLime 1/8ea/Pink grapefruits juice 100ml/Thyme 2 stalks/Salt a little


StepsWet glass rim with grapefruit, and coat with salt. Add in 2 stalks of thyme and crush gently. Add ice, then pour in lime juice and pink grapefruit juice.


Provided byThe Peninsula Tokyo / Mari Kamata

Purple Corn Wine 

RecipePurple Corn 250ml/Raspberry 40g/Blueberry 40g/Raisin 200g/Cinnamon 5g/Clove 6ea/Matcha 5tsp/Dried Mushroom 20g/Cacao Nib 40g/Black Pepper 20ea/Water 2000ml

GlassWine Glass

StepsPut all berries, nibs and water in a mixer. Add the resst of the ingredients and boil them for 30mins. Strain it into a glass.


Provided byLow Non Bar

Piña Hierbas 

RecipePineapple as needed/Calpis 30ml/Mineral Water 100ml/Dill as needed/Black Pepper


StepsHeat Pineapple, Calpis, Mineral Water and Dill up and chill them. Strain it into a glass with ice. Garnish Dill and spinkle Black Pepper.


Provided by:emmy

Pure Sweet 

RecipeKyoho 90g/Amazake 40ml/Soda 40ml/Fresh Basil *Amazake should be a smooth style.


StepsCrush Kyoho with its skin and strain it into a glass with ice. Add Amazake, Kyoho Juice and Soda (follow its order.) Garnish Fresh Basil.


Provided by:emmy



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