Mocktail Recipe Lab


Raspberry Almond 

RecipeVALRHONA MANJARI64% 25g/Hot Milk 25ml/Hot Water 15ml/Almond Praline Syrup 15ml/Frozen Dry Raspberry as needed *Almond Praline Syrup:Almond Dice 100g/Granuated Sugar 270g/Water 320ml

GlassCocktail Glass

StepsMelt VALRHONA with Hot Milk and Hot Water. Add Syrup and Stir well. Garnish with Frozen Dry Raspberry.


Provided byBar&Chocolate Cacaotail/Yosuke Hagihara

Razpresso tonic 

RecipeEspresso Single 30ml/1883 Raspberry Syrup 10ml/Fever-Tree Indian Tonic as needed


StepsStir Espresso and Raspberry  Syrup. Top with Tonic.Garnish with Coffee beans or Coffee Powder and Raspberry.


Provided byFever-Tree Japan Ambassador/Toshihiro Fukami 

Rose Garden 

RecipeNEMA  Standard Gin 30ml/Fresh Lime Juice 5ml/Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic as needed

GlassCollins Glass

StepsPour all the ingredients into a tumbler. Garnish with Cucumber Slice and Bell rose.


Provided byLow Non Bar

Rosemary Mint Lemonade 

RecipeRosemary 2cm/Mint 5 leaves/Lemon 1/4ea/Syrup 5ml/Soda as needed

GlassWine Glass

StepsCrush rosemary and mint, squeeze in lemon, and add syrup. Put ice in a glass and pour in the mixture using strainer. Top up with soda. Garnish with rosemary and mint.


Provided byThe Peninsula Tokyo / Mari Kamata


RecipeLactic Fermentation Raspberry 15ml/Vintense Cabernet Sauvignon 30ml/Roter Traubenmost 30ml

GlassWine Glass

StepsPut all the ingredients in a decanter. Swirl it and Pour it into a glass.


Provided byLow Non Bar

Roy Rogers 

RecipeGrenadine Syrup 7ml/Cola 240ml/Maraschino Cherry

GlassCollins Glass

StepsPour Grenadine Syrup into a glass with ice. Top with Coke and stir well. Garnish with Maraschino Cherry.