Mocktail Recipe Lab


Tarragon Calpis Soda 
RecipeTarragon 10 leaves/Calpis 30nl/Soda full up
StepsPut tarragon in mortar and crush with pestle. Pour in Calpis and mix well. Put ice in glass, and pour in mixture using strainer. Top up with Soda and mix. Garnish with tarragon.
Provided byThe Peninsula Tokyo / Mari Kamata

The Next 
RecipeNEMA Absinthe 30ml/Low-Non-Bar 120ml
StepsPour all the ingredients into a glass with ice. Stir well.
Provided byLow Non Bar

Three Dollar Bill 
RecipeNEMA Old Tom 30ml/Pineapple Juice 60ml/Lemon Juice 20ml/Grenadine Syrup 10ml/Albumina1/4tsp
GlassCocktail Glass
StepsPut all the ingredient in a mixer and Shake. Pour it into a glass> Garnish with a little Rose and Pinkpepper.
Provided byCocktail Bar Nemanja/Hojo Tomoyuki

RecipeCold Brew Coffee 45ml/Cascara Syrup 10ml/Mascarpone 20g/Liquid Yogurt 10ml/Egg White 30ml/Cocoa Powder as needed. *Cold Brew Coffee: French Roast Coffee Powder 100g/Mineral Water 500ml
GlassCocktail Glass
StepsPut all the ingredients except Cocoa Powder in a blender. Put the in a shaker and Shake it. Strain it into a glass. Garnish with Cocoa Powder.※Cold Brew Coffee: Mix the two ingredients and infuse for 15 hours in a refrigerator.
Provided byW.B.G.《 Wandering Bar Gratitude 》/Makoto Nagano

Tropical Breeze
RecipeMandarin Orange Syrup 10ml/Grapfruit Juice 15ml/Hibiscus Juice as needed/Mint Leave 10ea
GlassBalloon Glass
StepsShake all the ingredients (except Hibiscus Soda). Strain it into a glass with ice. Top with Hibiscuc Soda.
Provided byThe Peninsula Tokyo : Peter Bar/Mitsuhiro Nakamura

Truffle Honey-ni 
RecipeNON 2 30ml/Trufle Honey 1tsp(or Truffle Honey Water 10ml~15ml)/Fresh Grapefruit Juice 45ml/Fresh Lime Juice 1tsp/Carib Syrup 1tsp/Tonic up
StepsPut all the ingredients except Tonic in a shaker. Pour it into a glass with ice. Top with Tonic.
Provided byLow Non Bar

RecipeNon-alcoholic Liquor Laurel Special Free 60ml/Rose Water 2.5ml/Lemon Juice 4ml/Soda 50ml/Rose Petal 1ea
GlassWine Glass
StepsSqueeze and strain Lemon. Mix all the ingredients except Soda and pou it into Wine Glass. Add Soda and stir it. Garnish Rose Petal.
Provided by:emmy