Mocktail Recipe Lab


Vegan blue cheese AMAZAKE 
RecipeBrown Sugar 500g/Coconut Milk 400g/Water 540ml
StepsMix all the ingredients. Fermented at 55 degrees for 24~48 hours. Adjust the taste with Fig Jam. 
TasteRice/Blue Cheese
Provided byThe Certain Bar/Shuhei Nomura

RecipeLychee Puree 30ml/Jasmin Tea 80ml/Filtered Amazake 10ml/Raspberry Puree(Puree2:Water1)5ml/Lemon balm 1ea
GlassCollins Glass
StepsBrew Jasmin Tea and Make it chill. Shake all the ingredients (except Rsapberry Puree) Strain it into a glass. Add Raspberry Puree.
Provided byBAR NO'AGE/Masamichi Itani

Virgin Mary 
RecipeTomato Juice 90ml/Lemon Juice 15ml/Worcestershire sauce 1ml/Celery Salt/Ground Pepper/Tabascco 2ml/Celery
GlassCollins Glass
StepsMix Tomato Juice, Lemon Juice and Worcestershire Sauce in a glass with ice. Stir well. Garnish with Spice and Cerely.