Mocktail Recipe Lab


Cacao Fruit 
RecipeCacaoo Pulp 45ml/Whey 60ml/Grapefruit Juice 1/4/Cacao nibs as needed/Rock Salt as needed
StepsShake all the ingredients into a glass with ice. Garnish Cacao nibs and Rock Salt.
Provided by:emmy

cacao pulp fizz 
RecipeCacao Pulp 30g/Cacao Vinegar 15ml/Citric Acid Solution 10ml(Citric Acid/Water)/Cacao Pulp Syrup ゚5ml/Passion Fruit Puree 3ml/Soda 80ml
GlassCacao Pot
StepsShake all the ingredients except Soda. Pour it to a pot with ice. Top with Soda.
Provided by:mement mori/Shuzo Nagumo

Cacao Pulp Mimoza 
RecipeCacao Pulp 50g/Cacao Syrup(or Sugar Syrup) 10ml/Non-alcohol Sparkling 60mlGlassFlute Glass
StepsMix and Stir all the ingredients in a glass.
Provided byBar&Chocolate Cacaotail/Yosuke Hagihara

Celery Salt Bubble 
RecipeCelery 20g/Nema Standard Gin 15ml/Grapefruit Juice 40ml/Lemon 5ml/Simple Syrup 1tsp
GlassWine Glass
StepsPut all the ingredients in a mixer and Shake it. Strain it twice and Pour it into a glass. Garnish with Cerely Leaves and Salt water bubble(* Salt 3g/Soy Lecithin Powder/Water as needed) .
Provided byThe Bar Sazerac/Yasuhiro Yamashita

Chai Cooler 
RecipeMonin Chai Syrup 20ml/Monin Raspberry Syrup 20ml/Fresh Lime Juice 20ml/Ginger Ale as needed(full up)
GlassRock Glass
StepsShake all the  ingredients (except Ginger Ale). Pour it into a glass with ice. Top with Ginger Ale and stir.Garnish with Lime Peel.
Provided byBAR Nekomata-ya/Hirohito Arai

Chai Milk Tea?? 
RecipeCinnamon 2Sticks/Allspice Powder 5g/Cardamom Powder 5g/Coriander 5g/Clove 5g/Japanese Black Tea Leaves 20g/Hot Water 100ml/Milk 400ml/White Sugar 80g/Lemon Juice 30ml
GlassRock Glass
StepsMix Spices, Japanese Black Tea Leaves and Hot Water in a bag and Steam them for three minutes. Add Milk and Warm it in a 60 degrees hot water with a low temperature cooker for two hours. Add White Sugar and Lemon Juice and mix well. Strain them in a bottle. Pour it into a glass with ice.
Provided byBar No./荻島渉

Chervil Lemon  
RecipeChervil 2 stalks/Lemon juice 10ml/Syrup 10ml/All spice powder a little/Soda full up
GlassRock Glass
StepsCrush chervil in mortar. Add lemon juice, syrup, all spice powder and mix. Put ice in glass, and pour in the mixture. Top up with soda and mix. Garnish with lemon slice and chervil.
Provided byThe Peninsula Tokyo / Mari Kamata

RecipeVetiver Cordial 30ml/Japanese Ginger 1/4piece/Vanilla Essence 1~2drop/Sonic as needed/Grapefruit Zest 1ml *Vetiver Cordial:Vetiver 10g/Water 250ml/Sugar 150g/Citric Acid 16g
GlassRock Glass
StepsPut all the ingredinets (except soda) in a blender. Strain it into a Tumber. Top with Soda
Provided byThe Certain Bar/Shuhei Nomura

Chocolate Twitter 
RecipeNEMA Absinthe 30ml/Chocolate Syrup 25ml/Cream 60ml/Egg Yolk 1
StepsShake all the ingredients and pour it into a glass with ice. Put a sliced Nutmeg on it.
Provided byCocktail Bar Nemanja/Hojo Tomoyuki

“Chura”toga Cooler 
RecipeStraight Shikuwasa Juice 20ml/Fever-Tree Ginger Beer as needed/Lime Chip
GlassCopper Mug
StepsPour Shikuwasa Juice into a glass with ice. Top with Ginger Beer.Garnish with Lime Chip and Okinawan Chile Pepper.
Provided byFever-Tree Japan Ambassador/Toshihiro Fukami 

Recipe: Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic as needed/Citrus Olive Oil Espuma as needed/Black pepper as needed
StepsPour Fevertree into a glass with ice. Put Espuma on it. Sprinkle Black pepper.
Provided by:Low Non Bar

RecipeLemon Juice 30ml/Orange Juice 30ml/Pineapple Juice 30ml/Ginger Ale(or  Soda) 60ml/Grenadine Syrup 1ml/Orange 1slice*if you want, you can add 2ml of Angostura bitters
GlassCollins Glass
StepsMix Juice, Syrup and Bitters. Shake well. Pour it into a glass with ice. Top with Ginger Ale or Soda.

RecipeMascarpone Cheese 1spoon/Soy Milk 30ml/Fresh Crean 30ml/Lemon Myrtle Syrup 15ml/Orange Juice 30ml/Lemon Juice  10ml/Citric Acid a little
GlassCocktail Glass
StepsPut a all the ingredient in a mixer with a little ice. Pour it into a glass. Spinkle Dried Orange Slice, Orange Powder and Coffee Powder.
Provided bythe bar nano.gould./Kenichi Tomita

Coco Passion 
RecipeVALRHONA JIVARA LACTEE 30g/Hot Milk 50ml/Sicoly Passionfruit Puree 15ml/Sugar Syrup 15ml/Coconut Espuma as needed/Dry Pine 1piece *Coconut Espuma:Coconut Puree 150g/Water 60ml/Granuated Sugar 45g
GlassRock Glass
StepsMelt VALRHONA with Hot Milk. Add all the ingredient (except Coconut Milk) and Shake. Pour it into a glas. Put Coconut Espuma on it ad garnish with Dry Pine.
Provided byBar&Chocolate Cacaotail/Yosuke Hagihara

Coffee Berry Squash 
RecipeEspresso 30ml/TOQUE BLANCHE CASSIS 10ml/Grapefruit Juice 20ml/Symple Syrup 15ml/Soda as needed
StepsPut all the ingredients into a glass. Add Crushed Ice. Top with Soda.
Provided byBar Tigrato/Yusuke Takamiya

Cucumber Cooler 
RecipeCucumber 2cm/Mint 5 leaves/Lemon 1/8ea/Syrup 5ml/Soda full up
StepsCrush cucumber and mint. Squeeze in lemon and add syrup. Pour mixture into glass, and add ice. Top up with Soda and mix. Garnish with cucumber and mint.
Provided byThe Peninsula Tokyo / Mari Kamata

Cucumber Elderflower 
RecipeCucumber 1/8ea/Elderflower cordial 10ml/Tonic water full up
GlassRock Glass
StepsMix cucumber and elderflower cordial in a blender. Put ice in glass, pour in the mixture using strainer. Top up with tonic water and mix. Garnish with cucumber.
Provided byThe Peninsula Tokyo / Mari Kamata

RecipeNatural Gin D/D 6㎖/Chouchein 60㎖/Kuromoji Tea30㎖/Syrup 1tsp/NEMA Absinthe 8㎖
GlassWine Glass
Mix alll the ingredients and throwing them. Pour it into a glass.
Provided by:Low Non Bar