Mocktail Recipe Lab


Bi-Gin Buck 

RecipeNEMA Standar Gin 30ml/Orange  1/4piece/Ginger Ale as needed


StepsPut diced Orange in a glass with ice. Add NEMA and Ginger Ale.


Provided byCocktail Bar Nemanja/Hojo Tomoyuki

Bitter Bianco 

RecipeNatural Gin Diet & Detox 20ml/Vintence Sauvignon 20ml/RINOMTO Americano Bianco 20ml/Yuzu Peel

GlassRock Glass

StepsCrush Cucumber and Cardamom and pour the Green Apple Juice and Sugar Syrup. Shake well with ice. Top with /shrb and Stir.


Provided byLow Non Bar


RecipeGreen Apple Juice 60ml/Sugar Syrup 5ml/Cucumber 1slice/Cardamom as needed/shrb Lime & Juniper 60ml/Dry Lemon 1piece

GlassRock Glass

StepsCrush Cucumber and Cardamom and pour the Green Apple Juice and Sugar Syrup. Shake well with ice. Top with /shrb and Stir.


Provided byLow Non Bar

brown ginger virgin moscow mull  

RecipeRaw Sugar Ginger Syrup 30ml/Fresh Lime Juice 5ml/Canada Dry Ginger Ale full up

GlassCopper Mug

StepsPut all the ingredients in a mug with ice. Garnish with Dry Lime, Okinawan Pepper and Roasted Rosemary.


Provided byRyukyu mixology style bar alchemist  /Tomoaki Nakamura

Chervil Lemon  

RecipeChervil 2 stalks/Lemon juice 10ml/Syrup 10ml/All spice powder a little/Soda full up

GlassRock Glass

StepsCrush chervil in mortar. Add lemon juice, syrup, all spice powder and mix. Put ice in glass, and pour in the mixture. Top up with soda and mix. Garnish with lemon slice and chervil.


Provided byThe Peninsula Tokyo / Mari Kamata


Recipe: Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic as needed/Citrus Olive Oil Espuma as needed/Black pepper as needed


StepsPour Fevertree into a glass with ice. Put Espuma on it. Sprinkle Black pepper.


Provided by:Low Non Bar


RecipeVetiver Cordial 45ml/Japanese Ginger 1/4カット/Vanilla Essense 2〜3dash/Soda & Tonic as needed


StepsPut all the ingredients except Soda and Tonic in a mixer. Strain it into a glass. 


Provided by:Low-Non-Bar

Emerald Squash 

RecipeGrapefruit Juice 40ml/shrb Original 20ml/Sugar Syrup 10ml/Shiso 2pieces/Tyme2pieces/Blue Citron 1slice

GlassCocktail Glass

StepsPut all the ingredients in a tin and Muddle them. Put it into a carbonated shaker and Shake. Strain it into a glass.


Provided byXEX TOKYO/Habato Suzuki

Epice Rouge (winner of Mocktail Competition 2017) 

RecipeSpice Calpis 30ml/Grape juice 30ml/Tonic water 30ml  *Spice Calpis: Calpis 1000mL/pink pepper 15g/coriander seed 15g/cardamom green 20g/Soak crushed spices in Calpis for 24 hours.

GlassLiqueur Glass

StepsMix all ingredients except for tonic water, and shake, then pour into a glass. Top up with tonic water. Garnish with raspberry and mint.


Provided byThe Peninsula Tokyo / peter: the bar / Mari Kamata

Exotic sungrita 

RecipeTHE NON-AL SPIRITS Japanese Herbal Taste/Orange Juice 40ml/Tomato 1/2/Agave Syrup 5ml/Red Hot Pepper a little/Salt a pinch

GlassRock Glass

StepsPut all the ingredients in a blender. Shake it with Boston Shaker. Pour it into a glass.


Provided byLow Non Bar

French 20 

RecipeNatural Gin Diet & Detox15ml/Hop & Lemon Cordial40ml/Non-alcoholic Sparkling45〜60ml


StepsMix Natural Gin and Cordial, and shake them. Pour it into a glass. Add Non-alcoholic Sparkling.


Provided byLow Non Bar

Home Made Natural Cola 

RecipeCola Syrup ゚30ml/Fresh Lime Juice 10ml/Soda ゙80ml/Lime 1slice *Cola Syrup:Lime 1ea/Lemon 1ea/Orange 1ea/Cinnamon 1.5g/Cardamon 2.5g/Clove ゙2.5g/Nutmeg ゙2g/Coriander 2.5g/Vanilla Essence 3〜4ml/Water 300ml/Granulated Sugar same amount as water


StepsShake all the ingredients except Soda. Pour it into a glass with ice. Top with Soda. Garnish with Lime Slice. *Cola Syrup: Boil all the ingredients except Granulated Sugar. Let t rest overnight. Strain it and Add Granulated Sugar while warming and melting.


Provided byLAMP BAR /Michito Kaneko

Like a Virgin 

RecipeNEMA Absinthe45ml/Orange Marmalade Jam2tsp/Fresh Grape Fruit Juice10ml/Fresh Lemon Juice10ml/Kaffir Lime Leave 1ea

GlassWine Glass

StepsShake all the ingredients. Strain it into a glass.


Provided byLow Non Bar

Mock Coke 

RecipeFevertree Gnger Beer 60ml/Fevertree Ginger Ale 60ml/Orange Juice 30ml/Hoji-cha leaves 2g/Star Anise 1.5g/Cardamom 0.2g/Cinnamon 3g/Clove 0.5g/Lemon Peel as needed/Lime Peel as needed/Dry Lemon 1slice/Artemisia abrotanum 1piece

GlassCocktail Glass

StepsPut all the spices in a bowl and crush them. Put them into a carbonated shaker and add Hoji-cha, Lemon Peel and Lime Peel. Pour Orange Juice and Fevertree. Carbonated and shake well. Strain it into a glass. Garnish with Dry Lemon Slice and Artemisia. 


Provided byLow Non Bar

Pink Grapefruit & Thyme 

RecipeLime 1/8ea/Pink grapefruits juice 100ml/Thyme 2 stalks/Salt a little


StepsWet glass rim with grapefruit, and coat with salt. Add in 2 stalks of thyme and crush gently. Add ice, then pour in lime juice and pink grapefruit juice.


Provided byThe Peninsula Tokyo / Mari Kamata

Purple Corn Wine 

RecipePurple Corn 250ml/Raspberry 40g/Blueberry 40g/Raisin 200g/Cinnamon 5g/Clove 6ea/Matcha 5tsp/Dried Mushroom 20g/Cacao Nib 40g/Black Pepper 20ea/Water 2000ml

GlassWine Glass

StepsPut all berries, nibs and water in a mixer. Add the resst of the ingredients and boil them for 30mins. Strain it into a glass.


Provided byLow Non Bar

Spicy Mango 

RecipeSeedlip Spice94 40ml/Mango Syrup 10ml/Lemon Juice 10ml/Sugar Syrup 10ml/tabasco 2dash/Ginger Beer as needed

GlassLong Glass

StepsShake all the ingredients (except Ginger Beer) and Pour it into a glass. Top with Ginger Beer.


Provided byPusser's New York Bar/Takamitsu Nasu

Sunnyside Fizz 

RecipePink Pepper 3g/Cardamom Seed 3g/Lemongrass 2ea/Triple Sec Syrup 15ml/Lime Juice 15ml/Tonic Water as needed

GlassHighball Glass

StepsCrush Pink Pepper, Cardamom Seed and Lemongrass in a shaker. Add triple Sec Syrup and Lime Juice. Shake them.Strain it into a glass with ice. Top with Tonic Water.


Provided byThe Peninsula Tokyo : Peter Bar/Mitsuhiro Nakamura

Virgin Mary 

RecipeTomato Juice 90ml/Lemon Juice 15ml/Worcestershire sauce 1ml/Celery Salt/Ground Pepper/Tabascco 2ml/Celery

GlassCollins Glass

StepsMix Tomato Juice, Lemon Juice and Worcestershire Sauce in a glass with ice. Stir well. Garnish with Spice and Cerely.


wooden banana 

RecipeBirch sap 60ml/Clarified Banana Juice 45ml/Sandalwood Syrup 1~2tsp/Frankincense Oil 1drop

GlassRock Glass

StepsMix all the ingredients in a glass with ice and stir well.


Provided byThe Certain Bar/Shuhei Nomura

Woodland Tonic 

RecipeDark Tea Syrup  20ml / Japanese Orange Juice 60ml / Hot Radish A little amount of Grated One/Fever-Tree Tonic 40ml /Yuzu Peel

GlassBurgundy Wine Glass

StepsShake all the ingredients except Tonic. Strain it into a glass with ice.Top with Tonic. Garnish with Dark Tea Leaves and Twist Yuzu Peel.


Provided byPark Hotel Tokyo/Koji Nammoku